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The professionals at 360° Health Benefits Inc. look at the entire picture to help design solutions and strategies that work for you.

We’ve been in the Benefits & Pension industry since the 1990’s. We’ve worked inside some of the largest insurers in the country and now partner with those same insurers to deliver excellent and responsive service to our clients. Regardless of the situation, we’ve probably seen it before and know the best path forward.



The most common type of benefit plan used by small and medium sized enterprises. These plans offer true protection with consistent, budgetable monthly premiums.


This approach has been popular with large organizations for decades but today it’s much more accessible for smaller employers. Employers can save the insurance premiums and simply give their staff a fixed amount of money each year. Employees love the flexibility and Employers love the cost certainty and maximum annual liability.


Marry the protection of insured traditional plans with the cost savings of self-insured plans. Insure the scary things in life that can have major financial ramifications like disabilities or serious illnesses. Self-Insure the day-to-day expenses like eyeglasses, chiropractic and dental.

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