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Hybrid Plans

With these types of plans, we can marry the protection of insured traditional plans with the cost savings of self-insured plans. For example, we could set-up a plan that offers insured coverage for life insurance and disability insurance but use self- insurance products for the extended healthcare and dental benefits. In order to protect employees from catastrophic events, we can add emergency travel insurance and fully insured “stop-loss” protection for the healthcare benefit. Stop-loss protection will insure your employees for any claims incurred over a certain annual limit. For example, the employer would be responsible for paying the first $10,000 in annual healthcare claims and should a family need more, the stop-loss protection would cover anything incurred above $10,000 in a given year. Self-insured dental plans make a lot of sense since they provide more flexibility for employees and the lowest possible cost for employers.

Flex Benefits

Up until recently, this type of plan was only available to employers with hundreds of employees. Now, there are Canadian providers who can offer this type of plan to employers with five or more employees. Employers can achieve a greater level of cost stability and employees get the ability to customize their coverage to meet their specific needs.

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